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Acute treatment refers to acute symptoms of the disease, which are sometimes quite severe but are temporary. First and foremost it will be the visible ones  Symptoms of the disease are treated and less individually the respective person.  Proven indications often work very well here, e.g. arnica for bruises or chamomilla for teeth. The anamnesis is usually not that long and is often done over the phone.


Constitutional treatment is much more thorough and comprehensive. It needs an experienced and well trained homeopath. Here the search for the similimum becomes the complete  Man and his  specific  Life and medical history included. The totality of the symptoms is recorded, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient
I try everyone  in its  Perceiving wholeness and the central theme in the  Find history.
I put all the pieces of the puzzle together and go looking for that  Means the  is as similar as possible to the individual situation.
A homeopathic treatment is always a process and it is also very helpful to know the respective constitutional remedy for recurring acute treatments. Often it can also strengthen vitality in acute cases or give advice on the choice of remedies.


A homeopathic treatment begins with an initial anamnesis, in which we record your entire medical or life history,  the entirety of your symptoms and idiosyncrasies.

For adults I take about 2 hours for this, for children about 1-1.5 hours. 
Getting to know each other for the first time takes time and is often quite intense.

After the elaboration, I will prescribe an individual remedy.  After about four weeks we will meet for a follow-up to discuss the effects and changes.
Also faster for acute complaints.



With children

Discomfort in infancy

• Flatulent colic

• Vomiting, diarrhea and constipation

• Intolerance to milk

• Teething problems

• Development delays

• Diaper rash

• "Screaming Children"

Complaints in small children and school children

• Atopic dermatitis

• asthma

• allergies

• Food intolerance

• Developmental Delays - Mental,

mentally or physically

• Consequences of vaccinations (vaccination damage)

• Anger or fear

• hyperactivity

• Fear of school

• jealousy (e.g. of siblings)

• otitis media

• Frequently recurring infections (sore throat, bronchitis)

• Difficulty concentrating

Discomfort in adolescents

• puberty acne

• Social conflicts

• Addiction tendencies (e.g. alcohol and drugs)

• School problems, exam anxiety

• Aggression, violence

• Low self-esteem

• Sexual problems

• Menstrual disorders

• Depressions

• Fears



In my practice I accompany people of all ages with different diseases and problems

  • acute illnesses and complaints

  • chronic diseases

  • Susceptibility to infection

  • in the case of mental illness / life crises

  • for developmental disorders / behavioral problems

  • in phases of hormonal change such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause