In the practice for family homeopathy in Berlin
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In my practice I would like to get to know my patients in their specialty and help them with the holistic approach of classical homeopathy to come into a physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Homeopathy is particularly recommended for children as it is natural and  side effects free, but at the same time  highly effective  is.

Children often respond very well to homeopathic remedies.

The homeopathic treatment often brings  quick help  and can be a blessing to the entire family.

One of the advantages of this form of treatment is that it is gentle on the child's organism, which is still at the very beginning of its development  way  in this  supports,  his  Self-healing powers 

to activate in order to cope with the disease yourself.

With everyday complaints as well as with acute illnesses or the "classic" childhood illnesses, the use of homeopathy can be a quick and  gentle relief  cause. But chronically ill children also benefit from homeopathic treatment.

Of course I treat  I am adults too!

Young or old  chronic or acute,  mentally or physically ...

homeopathy always sees  individually the whole person with his or her special symptoms.

It offers us the opportunity to alleviate many ailments  and that gently, effectively and without any side effects!


"Future medicine will be a medicine of frequencies"

Albert Einstein